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Type it like you think

translate katze
Use service keywords from the suggestions.
shoes buy
The order doesn't matter.
Decide, while typing, which service to use.
amazon shoes
Use brand names of services.
berlin to amsterdam
Find a route with helper keywords.

Too many tabs?
Close them in groups

  1. Search for a topic.
  2. Open links from the search result in new tabs (Cmd/Ctrl+click) – voila, all tabs are grouped.
  3. When finished with your research, close the whole tab group with just one click or shortcut.

Take your search around

Jump between similar services and take your current search with you.

Do this by clicking the chips in the search bar when offered.


Question & Answers

What is this?
An alternative and new browser and still partly experimental.
Is it ready for every day use?
Still sometimes a bit edgy. But works already quite well as a research browser.
Are common features missing?
Yes! No preferences, downloads are rough, minimal/no context menus, …
Why another browser?
I believe search bars can do more then they do in the common browsers. And because I can.
Who is behind this?
Just me.